The Peony Patch

What is email marketing automation? Well put simply it’s automating your repetitive emails actions using software to assist in increasing leads & sales. Once set-up it allows you to focus on other areas of your business. I’m going to teach you a couple of simple ways to implement email marketing automation.

For small businesses, automating your email marketing is a no brainer, but most solo owners find the idea too confusing. I’m going to outline some simple automations that you can do to get started, that will give you the best bang for back. You can DIY these or employ a freelancer (like myself) to do it for you.

For all businesses

1. Welcome email

When people sign-up to your email list you should be sending them a welcome email, thanking them for signing up and letting them know a bit more about you and the products/services you offer.

For E-commerce businesses

2. Abandoned cart email

Abandoned cart emails are very easy to set-up in a marketing automation system like Mailchimp or using a free/paid plugin through WordPress. If you’re going to go the Mailchimp route, you first need to connect Mailchimp and WordPress/WooCommerce, then choose new email campaign/marketing automation. Mailchimp have done all the work for you and you just need to add some content and press play. When someone abandons a cart on your website, Mailchimp or the plugin will be alerted automatically and a your email reminding them of what they missed out on is sent out at a time you choose (I recommend 1 hour after).


3. Win back customers email

After a while, you’ll start to notice you have some regular customers and others that purchase once and you don’t hear from again. Using a win-back email series can help you to re-engage with these customers. I recommend setting up 2-3 emails over the course of a year to customers who purchased with you once but have not engaged with you since. You could send the first one at 3 months, second at 6 months and final one at 9 months.  With each email you could provide an offer or just reinforce your product/service. I recommend offering your customer the option to opt out in the last email. You many think it’s silly to remove a subscriber, but one that doesn’t engage with your content over a year really isn’t worth your time. With marketing automation software there is usually a charge per 1000 customers so you’re paying for someone who isn’t engaging.

win back email


For service businesses

4. Lead magnets email

What is a lead magnet you say? It sounds a bit weird, but it’s a pretty simple concept of offering your potential customers a hook to hand over their email. Once you have a potential customer’s email you can start to send them regular content which will move the customer through the purchase funnel.

Setting up a Lead Magnet

There are 3-4 elements for setting up a Lead Magnet:

  1. Firstly, you will need to create an e-book (PDF) or digital giveaway with some relevant content your customer will want to know.
  2. A pop-up on your website to subscribe to get your e-book; or
  3. A landing page to subscribe to get your e-book
  4. An email that triggers once a user has entered their email address with the e-book link.

If you’re using mailchimp make sure you set-up your subscribers to be tagged after they complete the subscribe form with something like e-book so you can use that tag to trigger the email (i.e. Send email to users who have been tagged as e-book).

What can I do as my lead magnet?

  • A video tutorial
  • A checklist
  • A series of templates
  • Cheat sheets
  • Free background image or template
  • A teaser of your course/content

Keep it short and simple and what your target market wants and you’ll get a great conversion rate. Once you’ve signed them up.

So, what are you waiting for. Set aside a few hours and set these simple automations up now.