The Peony Patch





I am a freelance digital marketer with over 20 years experience in website design of large corporates, medium sized business, online stores, small startups and food bloggers. I can provide you with a simple website or complete your entire digital strategy. I have set packages for web design, but can put together a customised quote based on your requirements.

What I Offer


With my background in large corporate websites where user experience is key, I can create a stunning website for you that is both beautiful, functional and user friendly. From small start up to larger businesses, check out my packages below.
I can also take over maintenance or fixes of your current site.



Many sites are beautiful but there is no thought to SEO during creation. When I start the design process I always consider the SEO implications. I will work with you on your business requirements to ensure that the navigation and user experience is seamless but also easy for Google to crawl. I will also ensure that the website includes easy to use SEO tools.



This is for those who don’t have time to co-ordinate their entire digital strategy. I will look at your business and provide you with a 5 page strategy document with actionable items for you to implement.


I can set-up automated trigger email marketing campaigns based on data you collect from your customers online. For example, if you notice a customer is opening emails and visiting a few pages, I can set-up an automated email to give the customer a special deal 2 days later.