The Peony Patch





Our Peonies

When we first bought our farmlet in 2011, we spent 3 weeks living out here before renting it until we were ready to move out of town.  In those 3 weeks we were perplexed by some sort of crop growing in two of our paddocks.  When my dad visited I assumed he would know what they were as he is an agricultural consultant, but no he had no idea.  My mum on the other hand couldn’t believe her eyes – as a former florist she said “you lucky things – you have paddocks full of Peonies…”

Sandra Bernhardt

The Sandra Bernhardt is my favourite peony. Huge, double pink blooms are displayed on the bold, erect stems of this clumping perennial. Stunning in floral arrangements.

Miss Echkardt

A lovely light pink peony, which flowers early-mid-season. Huge, double pink blooms. We now have around 20-30 plants of these beautiful earlier variety. Lovely light pink similar to Sandra Bernhardt but lighter in colour.

Princess Margaret

Hot pink, double, fragrant, late-midseason flowering. This enormous full double flower is a rich rose-pink with strong stems.

Baroness Schroeder

This matron is very large, tall, floriferous, and proudly possesses strong stems. Baroness Schroeder produces excellent foliage. Its blooms last a very long time, making this peony great for garden decoration & cut flowers.

Madame Jos Odier

Such a beautiful dark pink peony, ours have very long stems making them beautiful as cut flowers.

Bowl of Beauty

We have a huge amount of Bowls, they look lovely bunched together. It has fuchsia pink Japanese form flowers which are particularly showy because of their large yellow stamenoid centers. The blooms have a light fragrance, and are a lovely cut flower.

Peony Anne Cousins

This is one of only 2 pure white peonies. They weren’t doing too well in the field and have now been in the patch for their second year and are looking much stronger.

Monsieur Jules Elie

Monsieur Jules Elie’ is an extremely fragrant, profusely blooming double variant with an interesting pink colour.

Paula Fay

My favourite! I’m still not sure this is the right variety but it’s the closest match I can find. I only have 2 of these plants, but I found another down in the orchard which I divided up last year and popped 6-7 divided into new spots in the peony patch. It will take a few years to flower but I’m patient.

Coral Charm

I have actually purchased the Coral Peonies as there weren’t any here and they are just stunning.

Festiva Maxima

A lovely white variety with some specs of dark pink. I only have a few plants of these.

Madame Emile Debutante

I’m not totally sure this is a Madame Emile Debutante.  The outer petal is a is a mid pink with a creamy middle and pink centre.

Unknown Peony

Unknown variety. Found this year 2022

Gay Paree

Gay Paree, a late bloomer but so pretty.