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How long does it take for you to build a site?

How long is a piece of string?  The time is takes to create your website depends on your brief.  But if you have a simple services site with a home page, about, services, contact and FAQ and you have provided me with all the content it takes about a week for me to set-it up. Typically a website takes around 4 weeks with back and forth on content and images.

What CMS do you build your websites in?

In the past I have used Joomla, Adobe Experience Designer, Wix, Concrete 5, Red Dot & Presta Shop but all my websites for the last 5 years have been in WordPress and a couple of SquareSpace refreshes. I find WordPress such an adaptable template and the themes, support and plugins available are extensive and in my opinion it’s easily the best for SEO. For my webstores I use the plugin WooCommerce.

Do you offer hosting services?

No I don’t offer hosting. I recommend you manage the hosting and domain name of your email. I think it’s very important for a brand to own their own hosting and domain name. I often use VentraIP and Siteground, but am happy to work with any provider.

Are your websites secure?

I use the wordfence plugin on all my websites and I often use Siteground and Ventra IP for hosting and both have an excellent security measures. If security is a concern SiteGround partners with Sucuri, which are one of the leaders in the website security industry.

Can you integrate Mailchimp, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and others?

Yes of course. All my websites are set-up with Google Analytics set-up. GA gives you data on what’s working and what’s not on your website. Check out this blog here for more info on what I recommend setting up for a test and learn e-commerce store.

I can also integrate with Mailchimp so you can add subscription form to your website along with Adwords and Facebook Pixel to ensure you are tracking your digital campaigns.

Can I see my website during the build stage?

Yes of course you can. I can set you up with a username and password and you can log in while I am working on it. If you haven’t used WordPress before it may look a little strange, but I will train you in it before handing over.

Why should I let you build my website?

Many web designers are just that web designers. I come from a background in marketing and digital marketing where I have implemented dozens of high cost large website projects and created digital marketing strategies for multi-million dollar businesses along with hundreds of integrated marketing campaigns. This gives me a unique advantage as I not only know how to create websites that convert, but how to get traffic to them in the first place.  Because a beautiful website that no-one can find isn’t a great result.

I also believe actions speak louder than words, the majority of my new clients come from word of mouth and recommendations from my satisfied clients. Have a read of my testimonials.

I really believe in women supporting women and have a number of amazing women I work with in graphic design, PR, media buying, photography and business coaching that I can refer my customers to.

What is SEO and why is it important?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is simply making changes to your website and other creative strategies to make it more easily crawled by search engines (mainly google) to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness.  If you can’t be found in google straight away you are removing an important portion of traffic to your site.

When I talk to my clients and ask them about their business, straight away there are certain businesses where SEO is incredibly important and some where it’s not the highest priority. But for all my clients I ensure that I build my websites in a SEO friendly CMS (WordPress), install Yoast SEO plugin, connect to google search console and upload a sitemap.  I then either optimise each page of the website or teach the user how to.

Can you do site audits of current websites?

Yes, I can put together a comprehensive website audit for your current website for $180. You will receive a 5-6 page document with a full review of your site with a list of actionable items for you to complete to improve your ranking and increase traffic.

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