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Kate Shaw

Digital Marketer, mother, renovator & peony grower

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Hi there. I’m Kate. I live in the beautiful yarra valley on a 10 acre farmlet with my hubby and 2 kidlets. When we bought the place 5 years ago we discovered 2 paddocks full of peonies!  So I’m now a part time digital marketer, freelance web designer, mother & a peony grower.  Also did I mention we are in the midst of renovating our run down farm house.  Sounds busy, but out here on the farm it doesn’t feel like it.

– K. Shaw

Digital Marketer
Peony Grower

Trust Me, I'm Digital

I have been working in corporate marketing roles for over 15 years with some big brands and big budgets and have vast experience in formulating marketing and digital strategies. As a marketer first, then a web designer, I work with you to understand your business and put together a solid marketing strategy before jumping into the UX, web design, email marketing and SEO . I live and breathe digital marketing and I'm passionate about helping smaller businesses and can give you a great looking website that actually delivers on your business objectives.

Web Design
I can create a stunning responsive website for your business
I can provide an SEO audit with some quick and easy recommendations you can make to help you rank better with Google
Email Marketing
I can design a user journey for your customers with automated emails to assist engagement and sales
Digital Strategy
I can help you craft a digital strategy to ensure you get the most out of your business

A good website has solid design, a great website is unique and meets the needs of the customer and the business it represents

Joseph Lancaster


From my blog

I googled my website and I'm not on the first page. I hear this often from new clients so I've put together a comprehensive list of my top ten DIY tips to get your website ranking in Google.

So you have a shop in Wordpress using WooCommerce and you're getting some sales but you feel like you could be doing more.  I've set up a few shops since I started on my freelance journey and coming from a background in corporate where data driven marketers succeed, I always make sure I use a test and learn approach where I am tracking everything possible in order to create insights to optimise.  Some people like to use intuition but the data never lies....

As a digital marketer, I often get asked from friends and family what are my top tips when working with a web developer to create a website. There is a lot to consider when briefing a developer.  Unfortunately I have heard of some really bad experiences where people were burned by agencies that charge a lot but deliver a website that requires continual developer work along with pricey monthly maintenance charges.

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