The Peony Patch

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of Autumn, this year is flying.  With winter almost upon us, Mike and I only have a few weekends left to get our peony patch ready for the flowering season. We have a bit of a weed problem in our patch so over the last few weeks we have done some Autumn Peony maintenance and have whipper snippered the entire patch, sprayed for weeds and added some new weed matting as the old stuff didn’t hold up well over the hot summer.

Next weekend we are going to dig up some of the peonies sitting outside of the patch and relocate them into the patch.  This won’t be an easy job but needs to happen as we want to landscape these other areas and there are only a few random peonies there.  It’s still probably around 50 peonies to dig up, divide and replant so there is a bit of work to do.

UPDATE: We spent the last 2 days digging up, dividing and replanting our peonies.  The Peony patch should now be full (although it is hard to see some of the gaps).

The picture below shows the full peony roots, we separated this plant into 3 and replanted.  We added a little bit of fertiliser to the beds and used the rotary hoe to dig up the soil.  Fingers crossed some of these flower this year (but it’s probably unlikely as Peonies don’t like to be moved).